About Us

We're Allie and Dan Langver, a small husband and wife team that loves to create custom furniture of any design and style. After years of Dan working as a chef and myself working customer service for a 'Big Box' furniture store we wanted to make a change. Long hours and seeing people make significant purchases for their home and being continually unsatisfied with the quality of their investments disappointed me with the mass production of furniture. Very little care is involved in the crafting of these items making them short-lived. What I wanted to see was custom pieces that take time and effort to create, furnishings that will be durable as well as unique and stunning.

We began our journey to create something better together. Beautifully transforming real wood into handcrafted furniture is now a passion of ours. The possibilities are endless and the results are a piece that will continue to be loved and last for years to come! 

Though were a small team, we've done major orders for restaurants, golf courses, fellow woodworkers, universities, and ship everything we make across Canada and the United States. Every item from steel table legs to hardwood pens are handmade by us in our shop with care and attention to detail to make sure you love your new piece.

If you're interested in a custom project just send us a message and we'll get back to you with a quote right away!

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